Hello, I’m Gregg Marcus

I’m a professional in the field of commercial lending and insurance, as well as a dedicated humanitarian and philanthropist. With my experience and credentials, I offer credible insight and expertise when it comes to matters pertaining to insurance policies and commercial lending. With my help, clients can get all the necessary information to help them achieve the goals they want.

When it comes to philanthropy, my dedication to my personal desire to give back to the community is evident. I developed an interest in philanthropy at a young age, and have carried that need to help with me into adulthood. Now, I work hard to ensure that I do my part as a humanitarian.

I not only make contributions, but also give time to a number of charitable organizations. Among these are the Sunrise Day Camp for Children, the Hineni Heritage Center, and the Long Island Children’s Museum.

I was also among the individuals who founded the Jayhawks Boosters Association in Long Island, NY. Additionally, in 2002, I received the Interfaith Committee of Remembrance Humanitarian Award in 2002.

Commercial lending and insurance policies that include includes property, business personal, casualty, and more—I can help you out.

You can also keep up to date with my blog to get the lowdown on all the latest in commercial lending, insurance, and other finance relevant topics!